What we do at MOTHERWORKS


We map front end Visitor Experience from strategic planning to master-planning, theming and architecture through to audio visual using story boarding and workshops through to budget planning, focus groups and feasibility studies. We utilise our industry connections and consultant professionals to give you a broader picture of your intended project and guide it toward a successful implementation.

Schematic (sketch) Design

At this point we develop the content and illustrate from a visitor point of view. The project is described in design concepts for each area through including graphic styles and audio visual treatments. We generally recommend to test this schematic content with focus groups and stakeholders at this stage as a gauge of  visitor expectations and success.

Design Development

This stage provides detailed design for all production and fabrication. It is also the point in the design phase that scale is defined on all components and the dreaming on the project is focused on realization. We budget carefully at this stage making sure that all items are quantifiable and achievable and that the designs across all platforms are linked and embedded into the architecture and the engineering on the project.  

We take an active role on the discussion of procurement, assisting our clients with the decisions on methods of procuring all components of the project. If there is a requirement for tender we can provide the detailed documentation for the Tender Documents and Specifications
These are the documents for all areas including multimedia software, interactives, graphics,  signage and themed environments

Procurement,  fabrication and installation

We attend site to guide and provide assessment for quality, and sign off. We oversee can organise staff training, sign-off, testing and handover to the client on completion and, as part of this process provide for defect identification and rectification if required.

Art direction